Welcome to Southern Utah Lacrosse (SULAX).  We are a growing organization that includes opportunities for all ages to learn and develop lacrosse skills.  This year our focus is to grow the number of teams and play more games locally.  SULAX will still have a competitve traveling team for each age group and gender.  These teams will be selected through tryouts.  

If you are a veteran player or if you have never held a lacorsse stick, we have a place for you in SULAX.  Lacrosse develops hand eye coordination, increases cardio, and strengthens muscles.  Along with the physical benefits, SULAX promotes good attitudes on and off the field.  We expect our players to be excellent examples of good sportsmanship.  

This website is currently being refreshed for the spring season.  Please be patient as we slowly post new information about Fall activites and registration.  For the time being, please contact Jenifer Winward via e-mail: jeniferwinward@gmail.com for more information or to be added to the mailing list.  SULAX sends out e-mail blasts for clinics, registration, and tournaments.  We look forward to seeing you in the field.